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Smiling Panda 360° Ultrasonic Toothbrush

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The SMILING PANDA is the FDA-approved newest innovation in automatic toothbrush. It not only cleans your teeth in 20 seconds, but includes Cold Light Teeth Whitening which works simultaneously.

✅ 20-second brushing
✅ Better than electric and regular toothbrushes
✅ Cold-light teeth whitening
✅ See results in just one month
✅ Last for 2 weeks on just one charge
✅ Use SMILING PANDA in just 4 easy steps

The all-new SMILING PANDA offers you an upgraded brushing experience! The new one employs softer material and new shape to precisely follow the curves of your gums, which allows
SMILING PANDA really cleans your teeth when brushing without the risk of destroying your enamel or gums. The longer mouth tray covers all your teeth. 720 bristles, twice as many as the old version, clean every corner of your teeth. 


1 set Electric Toothbrush Package Include:
1*Electric toothbrush 
1*Tooth tray
1*USB Cable
1*Charger base
1*Use Manual